Millions in Mourn
Homeless man donating his last dollarsXu Chao, 60 years old, (shown in the photo on the right) is a homeless man in Nanjing, 1000 miles from the disaster area. He donated 5 Yuan after seeing the new reports. He said that people in the disaster were far worse than him because their lives are threatened. Later that afternoon, he went to the bank to change all the money he had (100 Yuan, USD $14, in pennies and dimes) into Yuan bills because he didn't want to waste volunteer workers' time to count small coins. This is from a man who doesn't have money to buy food for himself.

If you are unable to attend the charity event, but still want to help, you can!

Any and all donations will go directly towards the relief funds. Remember, no contribution is too little. Every penny counts. The Chao Family Foundation and The American Eastern Group will both separately match 100% of amount donated up to $20,000. Totalling to $40,000 match donations.

Checks by mail are preferred (in order to avoid fees) but for your convenience, a Paypal link is provided on the bottom of the page.

Proceeds from the July 19 2008 Charity Casino Night and donations collected will be distributed evenly to Shin Shin Educational Foundation, Overseas China Education Foundation and I Care Community.

You can help.

To donate using a check:

Checks should be made out to Chao Family Foundation and mailed to
Chao Family Foundation
15 Fresco, Irvine CA 92603

All donations are tax deductible.
China Earthquake Flood